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Puuilo is a family company founded in 1982. The whole company started off from a little carpenter’s workshop.

Nowadays Puuilo is a middle-sized chain of stores and does purely retail business. The product selection includes for example tools, machinery, detergents and different seasonal products. The company is widely known from its affordable prices and extremely wide range of products, which contains over 50.000 different items.

Always inexpensive do-it-yourself-man’s or woman’s department store

From our stores you can always find cheap products needed by ordinary people in everyday life. One of our principles has always been the fact that the one who sells, has to have products available. That’s what we have been trying to hold on to.

Wide product range

Our tool-department is extremely versatile. You can find very cheap and usable products and special products meant for professional use. From our department of household products you can find all most common products one can possibly need in everyday life at home. Our range of horse- and animal-products is one of the widest ones in the country and very competitive when it comes to the prices. On many product areas we are the leading figure at the localities of our shops.

Welcome to do business to our department stores!